Clinging to God, Guns, White Supremacy, and Trump

John Johnson II

By John Johnson II –  A segment of White America continues to sow, harvest, and propagate beliefs in their God, Guns, White Supremacy and Trump. God is referenced as their “God,” because it’s hard to imagine that a God of love, reverence, and repentance would seek glorification through a group of people, including Trump, who according to Proverb, 6:6-19, represents an Abomination.

John Johnson II

All people have a right to worship their God in accordance with their Bible, personal beliefs and interpretations of its scriptures. However, no one can use their God, their beliefs and interpretations of the Words of their God, as recorded in the bible of their choice, to discriminate, harm and infringe upon the Constitutional rights of others.

Hopefully, if white supremacists are to fully understand the evilness and horrific consequences of their belief in this ideology, just maybe, a comparison with Hitler’s satanic beliefs and those of the biblical nemesis, ‘Satan,’ might awaken them to their own destiny. Consequently, clinging to white supremacy is as venomous as harboring views of racism and bigotry. Further, elements of this racist ideology remain present in White Christianity, in our society as well as our government.

The 2nd Amendment isn’t a covenant with God that cannot be changed. It was written by man and can be amended by Congress. The NRA shouldn’t be feared because it’s not an Archangel neither for this amendment nor white supremacy. The passage of commonsense legislation is merely needed to ensure that this Nation’s people are afforded greater protection against senseless mass murders, illegal gun purchases, lack of gun registrations, etc.

Is it possible that people believing in white supremacy are suffering from a form of psychosis? If so, we know that the behavior of white supremacists has been deadly toward Black and Brown people whom they hate and consider unworthy of White privilege. Sadly, they fail to realize that their own hatred allows them to be marginalized and manipulated to accept policies which are detrimental to them.

Trump and his enablers only need to convince them that the policies will inflict hardships on Black and Brown people. It’s unimaginable, but they support Trump’s efforts to kill the Obama Care, even though he doesn’t have an alternative plan. He touts giving billions to the military as though this makes our Nations safe from every foe. Yet, because of his lack of leadership, COVID-19 has crippled our Nation beyond belief and killed thousands. Returning Trump to the presidency would be as idiotic as reassigning the Captain of the Titanic to another ship had he survived. Coal miners took canaries to the mines to warn them of dangerous gases, not children. Trump advocates sending our children back to school knowing their lives are at risk.

Trump has again resorted to his old campaign tactics of arousing the fears and hatred of white supremacists and white suburban females. He kindles threats and fears that Vice President Joe Biden will allow Black and Brown people to move into the suburbs.

Trump’s deceptions are like the plot in “King Kong” movies, where the beast craves a white woman. White women need not fear Black men. Rather, it’s Trump whom they and this Nation should fear. He’s catered to dictators; turned his back on our brave soldiers; he’s told us how he likes to treat women and shown us what he’ll do to silence them. Plus, he’s demonstrated what he’ll do to enrich himself, his friends and his family at the expense of taxpayers.

Sadly, this Nation is once again confronted with vestiges of a Civil War. However, this time the President of the United States is the Nation’s divisive divider. He’s siding with his base, which includes white supremacists, to deprive people of equal justice, the right to vote and opportunities to live fruitful lives. These people are Black, Brown, Indigenous and members of the LGBTQ COMMUNITY. Now, the question must be asked, “who’s the real domestic terrorists spreading lies and Russian propaganda throughout our cities?”

The last line in President Lincoln’s “ Gettysburg’s Address,” offers some measure of grace for this perilous moment in history facing our Nation, which reads, “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

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