Color Within The Lines

October 25, 2021 admin 0

Home / Color Within the Lines – October 19, 2021 –  Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have grown as priorities within business, government, faith organizations, and nonprofits. In many cases this is about creating access and opportunities for […]

Building Business Partnerships

October 12, 2021 admin 0

Nonprofit organizations and emerging businesses can partner for mutual benefit. Working together, each entity can leverage their own assets and those of the other party. That’s right – we’re talking classic “win-win.” Here’s what we […]

Bigger vs Better

October 6, 2021 admin 0

Which is more valuable: making your organization bigger, or making it better? Are these mutually exclusive? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Does bigger and better mean more successful, and what is the […]

Making Moves on the First Coast

October 4, 2021 admin 0

Jacksonville continues to grow in all areas of diversity including the boardroom. Recent announcements continue to support the growth for the city once monikered, “The Bold New City of the South.” WJCT Public Media recently […]

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