The Free Press of Jacksonville was first published as the Jacksonville Free Press in September 1986. The newspaper  has since  come to be  recognized as a major link to the African-American community. The publication was developed as an answer to a community response which was crying out for a wealth of positive news… informative news for African-American Americans, about African-Americans, by African-Americans.

 A weekly publication, the Free Press is circulated in the tri-county area of Duval, Clay and St. Johns counties, St. Mary’s, Brunswick and King’s Bay, Georgia. The primary source for distribution is subscription however various newstand sites are across the city.

  The Free Press provides local, state and national news that is of interest to and directly and/or indirectly affects its’ readers. Each week readers comb the pages that reflect their daily lives and lifestyles. They will often find pictures and information about people they know, admire, respect and locate information of interest that  can  empower their future.  The publication is an asset to advertisers in reaching and holding their share of the billion dollar African-American consumer market, by providing the interest and awareness the brand conscious consumer demands.

The Free Press is a fully accredited member of the National Newspaper Publisher’s Association, Southeast Black Publisher’s Association, Florida Publishers Association, Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, African-American Chamber of commerce and a host of other national and local civic organizations.

 Get your share of this market through the Jacksonville Free Press, which delivers to your target!

The media that talks to its readers,

not just about them!


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