Wealth Watchers Strategizing to Make Homeownership a Reality

Wealth Watchers Team: l-r Carrie Davis, Kiana Harper, Jo Jones, Ed Gaston, Alyce Denson, Iris Rodriquez, Shantez Robinson, Christian Reis, Seated: Jean Reddick and Monique Terry

In celebration of National Homeownership Month, “A New Era In Homeownership”, Wealth Watchers Inc, and partners will host several activities during the months of June through August. “These activities are intended to celebrate and reaffirm the important role that ‘HOME’ represents to our families, neighborhoods and the Jacksonville community,” says Monique Terry, VP Homeownership Promotions for Wealth Watchers.

There will be various workshops and seminars held throughout the city.  For more information about events or an information session to make your home owning dream a reality call  904.265.4736 X 5005. For more info visit www.wealthwatchersfl.com.

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