Virtual Leadership Academy Blends Relationship Importance of Athletes, Role Models an Mentors

Through the years there are leaders, there are coaches, there are role models, there are mentors; then, there are those individuals that carry with them lasting legacies for future generations. Recently the Level the Playing Field Leadership Academy held “The Huddle : Building Young Men of Character through Mentorship,” virtual event.

This one-time only virtual event let viewers get in the trenches with living legends to discuss why mentorship matters, and the important role men, especially African American men have in building the next generation of youth with character. Viewers enjoyed a firsthand experience, featuring: Tony Dungy, author and pro football Hall of Fame Coach; Brian Sexton , Motivational Speaker and Senior Correspondent for the Jacksonville Jaguars;  Darryl Willie , U.S. Special Advisor and acting Board Member for Duval County Public Schools; Dr. Tammy Hodo , founder and President of All Things Diverse and Derrick Brooks , Pro Football Hall of Famer, who following a 14-year NFL career channeled his passion to serve others through Derrick Brooks Charities, his organization committed to providing educational opportunities for socio-economically challenged youth.

A special part of  this event morphed into a round table with Darryl Willie hosting Derrick Brooks, Tony Dungy and Lonnie Marts Jr.

The audience was treated to a behind the scenes personal experience with three men sitting down sharing how Coach Dungy has affected the lives of two of his
former players who are reaching out to build their communities 20 years post being coached by him. Building young men of character through great mentorship served as the highest mission of this virtual men’s event.

Level the Playing Field Leadership Academy is a resource for young male athletes of color from single parent homes, through their critical years so that they have every chance to develop into the strong, productive leaders of tomorrow. “It was such an honor and a blessing to be on screen with so many influential figures and well-respected leaders together in one room,” said Lonnie Marts Jr., CEO and Founder of Level the Playing Field Leadership Academy. “We all feel fortunate to have the opportunity to share with viewers our deep desire and passion
to inspire, develop, and model positivity in the black community.”

Learn more about Level the Playing Field Leadership Academy at and begin making your impact today!

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