Raines Class of 74 Holds Annual Christmas Party

During the holiday season, there is never a shortage of parties and reasons to fellowship with friends and family.  Last week, the Raines High School Class of 1974 held their 10th annual Christmas party aimed at celebrating the holidays and continuing to bond as a close knit group.

Sixty classmates showed up to the home of Debra Simmons to reminisce about the good old days, lasting friendships, and talk about their children and grandchildren. Many of the classmates were from out of state and were eager to reconnect with friends, network and tell stories about their high school shenanigans.

Attendees also said that they discussed how their lives have turned out, their careers, personal accomplishments, and relationships. William Marion Raines Senior High School is a historically black high school, and is located in North Jacksonville.

The school was named in honor of a prominent black educator and long time principal at Matthew Gilbert High School.

Shown are the Raines 1974 Raines Vikings committee members Debra Simmons, Audrey George, Gloria Chaplain and Yvetta Randolph speaking to their classmate about gift giving and next year’s events.

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