Quenthon A. Malpress – Passing

Son, Brother, Father, Friend & Beloved Husband

Saturday, December 8, 2018 Evening of Celebrated Reflections

King Solomon Baptist Church 2240 Forest Street  – Jacksonville, Florida 32204

& Sunday, December 9, 2018, 3:00 p.m.

Memorial Service for Quenthon “Nick” Malpress

EWC Adams-Jenkins Sports and Music Complex / 1859 Kings Road / Jacksonville, Florida 32210

Words from the family: The devout first-born son of the Late Alice Green Williams and Charles H. Malpress, Sr., Quenthon A. Malpress, said he was a “Lad” when he named himself “Nick” because he was “Already a Baseball Player.” Growing up during the 1940’s & 50’s in the shadow of his uncles, Rev. Harold “Buster Rabbit” Hair and the Late Sheddrick Green, Jr., who were leading Baseball Players in The Negro League Baseball, Nick was determined and committed to becoming an Athlete and playing Baseball – AND HE DID.

Although BASEBALL was his game, Nick enjoyed playing a variety of sport activities  with his younger brothers, Charles (Harvey), Ricky and Reggie. While growing up in Durkeeville, and as a student throughout Elementary, Junior High and High School, Nick enjoyed playing Baseball, Softball and Football; he also mastered skating and swimming and earned “The Champion” title.  Upon graduating from Stanton, and becoming an employee of Jacksonville Housing Authority, Nick continued to be committed to playing sports as a “Number 1 Athlete” (as he also named himself). After becoming a father, he proudly introduced, involved, encouraged and supported his children, Darrell, Darlene, Anthony and Stephanie (Lee-Lee), in their school and community sporting activities; his sustaining support continued as a grandfather, uncle and surrogate father. Subsequently, Nick Malpress was nominated, selected and soon became an official Referee, and Coach; those humble beginnings prepared him to be an Outstanding Exemplary and Honored Official for Football, Baseball, Softball and Track & Field.

Nick soared high and humbly among his school and community “Buddies and Friends,” and as a “Friend, Partner and Companion” to new acquaintances, new opportunities and new, yet familiar activities. Nick traveled to Miami, Atlanta, New York City, Cincinnati, Detroit and Canada to see National/International Games, and Broadway Shows. He also enjoyed Bowling, Golfing, Ice Skating, and especially Bicycle and Horseback Riding, including Tic-Tac-Toe, Checkers, Monopoly, Uno and Singing with his Beloved wife, Dr. Kathi Vaughn-Malpress, the LOVE OF HIS LIFE, whom he proudly called “Mrs. Malpress.” As a PRIME Ball Player and Athlete with Top Choice and 57th Heaven Softball Teams, and the National Senior Softball League (just to name a few), Nick was personable, and enjoyed hanging out, talking, telling jokes and watching TV with his “Buddies and Friend,.” and for 16 years, Nick was also shielding and protective, and loved sharing “Original” bedtime stories and “One-Line Trivia’s” with his “Friend, Partner and Loving Companion,” Mrs. Malpress.

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