‘Test Your Bible Knowledge’

Bible Trivia

1)The time period between Malachi and Matthew is called the intertestamental period or the silent years. How long was the intertestamental period?

2)Can you name a Bible figure who struggled with depression?

3)What Bible figure was sold in slavery?

5)Which King in the Bible consulted a witch?

6)Give some examples of why the number 40 is so important in the Bible?

7)According to the Bible how long is our life’s time span?

Answers – 1) 400 years;  2) Elijah-1st Kings 19:4, Jeremiah-20:18;  3) Joseph- Genesis 37:26-28;  4) God-Genesis 2:21;   5) Saul- 1st Samuel 28:7;   6) Several kings ruled for 40 years, the flood lasted for 40 days, Jesus fasted for 40 days in the desert;  7) 70-80 years, Psalm 90:10


‘Test Your Bible Knowledge’

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