New Edition Legacy Stronger than Ever

The New Edition Legacy tour was full force on stage inside Vystar Arena spewing out their legendary hits.  All music fans love New Edition, their songs, history and legacy.  Fans remember when the group was formed, disbanded, and reignited!  Entering the stage from the hidden floor, New Edition rose to the musical R&B occasion.  Taking the stage was Ronnie, Ricky, Bobby, Ralph, Mike and Johnny.  The arena was sold out and packed to capacity as fans threw up their hands and began shouting and clapping for the legendary performers. In unison, NE members began their show singing their hits that include:  “If It Isn’t Love,” “Poison,” “Candy Girl, “Mr. Telephone Man,” “Count Me Out,” and the all time favorite, “Can You Stand the Rain!” “Oooooh ooooh, can you stand the rain, rain may come, this we know for sure, but can you stand the rain – yes we can, especially when Bobby Brown takes the stage and entertains fans with his popular moves and antics. Crooner Johnny Gill leaned over the stage and belted out his hits and had the crowd in an emotional melodic state.

Not only has the group stood the test of time, they’ve stood the test of time with their signature moves, break up to make ups, success in their personal endeavors and family bragging rights.  Never one for holding on to their pride, the group stays in sync with their dance routines, taking turns at the mic, while praising each other’s success.  What can you say about a singing group that has more than 40 years in the music business? Well for starters, the group has achieved recognition and honors for: New Edition: The Movie, BET Lifetime Achievement Award, American Music Awards, Soul Train Awards, Outstanding Video awards and the other fan favorite just being New Edition award!

If you’ve never had the opportunity to witness New Edition perform live, then now is the time.  For tickets, dates and locations visit

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