Role Models inspire Young Women’s Career Paths

Shown are two of the events role models, entrepreneur Dr. Helen Jackson and the trailblazing Jann Clark, the International Longshoreman's' Association Local 1408 First elected female secretary.
Aiming to empower young women to explore a variety of careers that are traditionally male-dominated, Jacksonville Job Corps Center hosted its first ‘Women’s Career Day,’ for attendees to have the opportunity to choose a vocational path instead of college. Interested candidates met and networked with industry professionals, learned about job opportunities in nontraditional occupations, while gaining valuable insights into the skills and education required for these careers.

“We pride ourselves on offering vocational programs for students that are looking for other options. We are here to stay,” said Joann Manning Duval County Jacksonville Job Corps Business and Community Liaison.

The event also provided tours of the Jacksonville Job Corps Center northside campus and information on the U.S. Department of Labor’s career technical training program, free for eligible students ages 16–24. The Atlanta Regional Office and Jacksonville Job Corps Center staff, students, graduates and supporters were in the audience to support the programs success with the days agenda that included recognizing essay first place Jacksonville Job Corps Women’s Career Day essay contest winner Alanna Yates for writing how Job Corps helped her in perusing non-traditional job searches. The agendas dialogue included information on the centers 10 career training areas: Carpentry; Electrical; Facilities Maintenance; Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC); Office Administration; Certified Nurse Assistant; Clinical Medical Assistant; Pharmacy Technician; Computer Technician; Material Handling and Distribution Operations.

Jacksonville Job Corps Center is a federal career technical training and education program for young people who aspire to higher-paying careers and higher education. With over 120 residential and nonresidential locations nationwide, training is available in the nation’s fastest-growing industries to eligible 16- through 24-year-olds. The program is free of charge for students. To learn more about Job Corps, call 800-733-JOBS (5627) or visit Visit Jacksonville Job Corps at

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