“My Message Matters Conference” Launches it’s Four City Tour

On Saturday, July 21st, the “My Message Matters Conference” kicked off its four city tour at the Aloft Hotel in Jacksonville’s Tapestry Park. Organizers say that the anticipation was high as dozens of people preregistered for the conference.

Participants were business owners or individuals looking for strategies to grow and be successful. Individuals shared their stories and specifically focused on the topic of ‘Living out the dash,”which refers to the concept of living life to the fullest from start to finish.

Moderators also stressed to attendees the values of marketing yourself or business in order to build success and what it means to have a brand. The highlights of the conference was the workshops, “Speak Your Way to a six-figure Business” by Cheryl Wood and “Maxing Out your Message for Media,” hosted by Angela Spears.

The event closed with a panel discussion, which included presenters Jack Manilla, Jeff Shuford, Felicia Wright and Dr. Ane Mercer.  Conference organizers were thrilled with the Jacksonville turn out and feel that it was a great start. The next stops for the event are Savannah, GA, Saginaw, MI and Houston, TX.

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