Dementia Lecture Series Empowers Seniors to Take Heed to Early Symptoms

Mayo Clinic’s office of Health and Disparities held a Dementia Awareness lecture series last week at the Mary Singleton center in Springfield.

Seniors in attendance learned about various aspects of the disease including symptoms, causes and treatments.

Dr. Floyd Willis of Mayo spoke to seniors about some preventive measure, warning signs and the importance of early detection.

There are various early indicators that seniors and family members should monitor. These signs include: memory problems, increased confusion,  reduced concentration, personality or behavior changes, apathy and withdrawal, depression and the loss of ability to do everyday tasks.

The crowd asked questions and answer that pertained to symptoms, told personal stories and discussed self care. Dr. Willis also talked about activities that can play a part in stimulating the mind, such as singing songs or playing music, arts and crafts, organizing household or office items and gardening.

Many of the seniors at the center are active and currently engage in many of the suggested activities, however attendees vowed to increase their memory improvement undertakings.  The next dementia lecture series is scheduled for September of this year.  Shown is Dr Willis lecturing to Mary Singleton seniors.



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