First Coast Black Girl Magic Shines at Essence

Shown far right is Felicia Wright sharing the stage at the SOKO Vendor Marketplace.

By Lynn Jones – This year’s Essence Festival theme held true to their legacy of years of entertainment, workshops, panels and small business entrepreneurial highlights in New Orleans, LA courtyards. The ‘We Love Us’ theme was celebrated July 5th – 7th in proximity of the Mississippi River next to the French Quarters.  Clamoring for a taste of  the ‘we love us’ scene, local Duval entrepreneurs Felicia Wright (Mygani) and Akim Wilson (Soulseed Apparel) trekked for a road trip to share their specialties. The entrepreneurs  were energized to welcome guests to their booths.  Soulseed Apparel carries creative shirts depicting Harriet Tubman, black revolutionary figures/figurines and the infamous Tulsa, OK Wall Street emblem purse.  “This was an awesome opportunity. We’ve been thinking abut signing up.  This year we finally did it and we were pleased,” smiled Wilson.

Vendor Felicia Wright’s booth was organized with lifestyle featuring custom illustrations of empowering and confident black women with naturally curly hair with a goal of empowering women regardless of their hair texture or skin complexion. While wrapping products up and preparing for departure, the days unexpected agenda saw Wright hurriedly extended an invitation to step to the stage to articulate her products unique creations and personal success narrative.

“This opportunity truly overwhelmed me,” said Wright.  Wright can also boast that her products were seen and promoted on lifestyle ambassador Tabitha Brown’s Very Good Mondays. Focusing on their booths and fast paced festival atmosphere, the two entrepreneurs had a sneak peek into the celebrity guest panels, concerts, cuisine options and networking opportunities and exploring Walt Disney Worlds “We Came To Play” booth.

The festival continues to focus on Essence Magazine’s 54 years of empowering black girl magic around the world through their heralded magazine and Essence festival growth.

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