Book Store Opens Challenging Next Generation to Level Up

Young readers Zoe Hughes, Cherron Holzendorf, Shavaris Holzendorf, Lolonyo Imni Davis (seated) and Glamour and Glitzy Mermaid Alexia King enjoy the new book store and its offerings.

As America approaches its first generation that may never have an opportunity to open a book, State Representative Angie Nixon-Morene is working to ensure the lost art and beauty of books is not lost with the opening of Cafe Resistance.

The literary haven recently opened its doors focusing on works centered on black history with a particular focus on titles prohibited by the Florida Department of Education.

“We can learn our true history in the  roots, and you know, push back against overbearing legislatures and an overbearing governor, who just really wants to keep people uneducated,” Nixon told First Coats News.

In Jacksonville and around the nation, there’s a black resurgence to return to our African roots of unity in the community. The current ban on many authors reflecting diversity and designation books in Florida schools has created visionary pathways to keep children and communities empowered, educated and engaged.

For more than 15 years, Duval County’s urban bookstore presence has been obsolete. To reignite an African-American  Northside book store presence, Nixon and her team recently cut the grand open ribbon for Café Resistance bookstore on Soutel Drive. Hundreds of neighbors, guests, dignitaries, business owners and local authors joined the festivities to check out the many in-house books available on the shelves. The location offers a specialized coffee area, children’s reading area, and workshop schedules for all ages.

“This is prosperity for the north side and for black/brown people for a sense of community and gathering,” said Nixon-Morene.  She feels that some of these banned books are essential for teaching accurate history, particularly Black history.

Cafe Resistance, operated through the Moxie Group where Nixon serves as executive director, aims to host wellness seminars and offer free tutoring programs to help Jacksonville’s children reach grade level proficiency.

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