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– (Source: www.savannahtribune.com) – Why Are My Eyes So Itchy? ‘Tis The Season To Be Itchy – It’s allergy season in the Low Country. Spring is here and so is pollen and grasses. From itchy nose, sneezing, sniffing, and trouble breathing, to red eyes, swollen eyelids, and terrible irritation in the eyes, the allergy season is upon us and here is what you can do to help relieve your symptoms.

All too often, I see patients who have allergy signs, but they do not have any allergy symptoms. Many of these patients have no idea that they have allergies because they do not have red, itchy, or puffy eyes. In these cases, no treatment is required. However, if the patient has symptoms, treatment may be required to reduce the symptoms.

AlDr. J. A. Parkerlergens are in the air from pollen and the growth of beautiful flowers and plants that we enjoy seeing very soon. When these substances come into contact with the eyes and nose, the body tries to fight off the accumulation of the allergens. When it cannot, the system responds by having any of the symptoms above. In order to eliminate the accumulation of allergens, anti-histamine medications may be required. Medications by mouth and eye drops are sometimes required to control the excess accumulation of the allergens in the body. Of course, avoiding the allergen is the best course of treatment; but who wants to stay indoors and miss out on the beautiful sites of our lovely city.

Over-the-counter medications are sometimes effective enough to control the symptoms of allergies. However, if you have tried any of these medications and are still having symptoms, a prescription medication or eye drop may be necessary.

If you are currently experiencing these dreadful and irritating eye symptoms of allergies, I urge you to see your eye care provider. Early treatment can prevent the symptoms from getting worse.

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