Democratic Black Caucus Florida President Trevor Mallory Says: Don’t Believe the Republican Pundits’ Narrative That More Blacks are Leaning To Trump for President in 2024

Louis Ward
Trevor Mallory, President of the Democratic Black Caucus Florida

By Louis C Ward – There’s been a recent serge in newspaper and magazine articles, and media outlets that state President Biden will lose Black votes,  especially Black men’s votes, to Trump in 2024’s presidential election. Well, according to Trevor Mallory, President of the Democratic Black Caucus Florida, “that’s only Trump’s base, only the very conservative right voters, and only spineless Republicans, who will vote for Trump no matter what he says or does.”

“It’s not true!” President Mallory emphatically stated. “Trump’s pundits and supporters, are trying to push the narrative that Black voters are dissatisfied with President Joe Biden and his administration and more Blacks are leaning to Trump for 2024.  Don’t believe that!”

It’s obvious Trump’s base wants to influence Black voters with unsubstantiated statements and rumors to get their votes or convince them not to vote in the 2024 presidential election. President Mallory is setting the agenda immediately to refute their attempts to put a false narrative about Black voters leaning to Trump, encouraging  “all voters, Black and Whites, to not fall  for the propaganda and to vote in 2024.

Informing everyone that a “Trump victory in 2024 poses a major threat to our democracy, our freedoms, and our constitution,” President Mallory reiterated that Trump has already revealed that he would  weaponized the government by appointing loyal people to go against all those who disagree with him.”

President Mallory, representing more than 2 million Blacks in Florida, believes Black Americans know that Trump at the helm of leadership of the United States of America again will be disastrous. Some Black people will vote for him, but most of us will not.”

President Mallory said, “Republicans’ platform is supposedly based on stimulating the economic growth for all Americans, protecting constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, insuring the integrity of  our elections, and maintaining our national security.”

“The reality is,” President Mallory stated, the Republican budget in the last decade has included provisions for repeal of the Affordable Care Act and deep cuts to Medicaid.  This action would cause millions of Americans to face higher health care costs.  Up to 24 million people could lose protection against catastrophic medical bills.. House Speaker McCarthy added 3 trillion or more to the deficit through tax cuts skewed to the wealthy and large corporations.  How does that stimulate economic growth to all?

The reality of Presidents Biden’s accomplishments include almost 11 million jobs created, a record number of small businesses started, rebuilt our infrastructure, meaningful gun reduction legislation, confirmation of the first Black female Supreme Court Judge, historic student debt relief, and historic criminal justice reform relief, President Mallory said.

“Black people believe in law and order… No one is above the law. Trump shows his true character in his court proceedings daily, disrespecting the law, the court, the judge, and his clerks.  We, the majority of Black people can not and will not vote for a president that exhibits that kind of adverse character, President Mallory solemnly stated.

Despite the hearsay about Black people leaning toward Trump,  we represent the majority of Blacks people in this country and we know what President Biden has accomplished during his first term in office, said President Mallory. “And, we, the majority of Black people in this country, know the importance of this election.  We will not sit home on election day, but we will show up at election sites in all 50 states and cast our vote to re-elect President Joe Biden in 2024.

“These early polls will change. I wouldn’t take them seriously,” said President Mallory. “Black people has President Biden’s back now and we will again in 2024. Trust me! President will be re-elected and Black people will play a major role in that event.”

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