Charge Trump with Manslaughter

Reginald J. Clyne, Esq.

By Reginald J. Clyne, Esq.COVID-19 has become the second-leading cause of death in the nation. As of Labor Day weekend, 188,000 people in the United States have died from this pandemic, out of the 6.29 million cases on record. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is forecasting 200,000 total deaths by the end of September. Cumulative deaths by Jan. 1 are projected to range between 410,000-620,000, depending on the level of further government action and the public’s adherence to mask wearing and social distancing.

Reginald J. Clyne, Esq.
Reginald J. Clyne, Esq.

The U.S. holds the ignoble position of being first place in the world for the number of cases and number of deaths from the coronavirus. We are 5% of the Earth’s population but have about 25% of cases globally. The U.S. is the richest, most powerful country in the world with some of the best scientists and doctors, yet we have over two times the number of cases as India, and also “beat” Third World countries like India, Indonesia and Brazil in the number of cases and deaths.

In contrast, Canada has close to 132,000 cases with only 9,145 deaths. The coronavirus struck Canada and the U.S. at the same time. Canada had a national plan, its leader followed the advice of scientists, closed down the country, and encouraged social distancing and the use of masks. President Trump, through ignorance, stupidity, reckless disregard for life and criminal negligence, will continue to cause unfettered deaths numbering hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Our nation’s leader has ignored the advice of his Coronavirus Task Force, encouraged people not to wear masks, given out advice contrary to medical science, held rallies with thousands of people who were not wearing masks, threatened to cut back on testing, suggested swallowing disinfectant or using UV light to fight the virus, and recently was taken off Twitter because he falsely heralded a coronavirus cure.

A person can be charged with involuntary manslaughter when a killing is unintentional and the result of recklessness or criminal negligence, such as a death stemming from a DUI. In other words, an individual could attend a party, have four drinks in the span of an hour (which could result in them blowing over the legal limit of .08% in a roadside breathalyzer test), get into their car, and rear-end someone causing their death, thereby facing a 15-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter.

President Trump has downplayed the seriousness of the virus and made stupid statements that it would disappear in the summer due to warm weather. Clearly, that was a fallacy. As of today, close to 12,000 people in Florida alone have died. And that is why he should be charged with involuntary manslaughter, because his actions have involuntary led to the death of thousands.

More Americans have died from the coronavirus than in World War 1 (116,516), the Vietnam War (58,209) or the Korean War (36,516). What’s most alarming is that the number of American deaths will continue to go up, because the number of new cases continues to rise. We have had record weeks of 50,000-plus new cases daily, while Canada’s weekly case rates hover around 50; in China, that number is 20.

The evidence is clear.

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