Authors Book, Theology, Speaks to the Soul of Mankind

Reverend Mathias Walcott has traveled the world spreading the gospel to anyone that will listen.  His humbled roots and his wife of forty years award him the motivation to make a way out of nothing.  Walcott is the author of the book, ‘Theology’ that provides an in-depth look into the study of the nature of God and religious belief. “Theology discusses love, faith and family and the lessons of relationships to mankind,” said Rev. Walcott.  The book is in its second edition and continues to spark conversation at every book signing.  Walcott, retired from American Bible Society, has been ordained since 1986 and has stood in the pulpits of Assembly of God church and Trinity Community Ministries. Shown is Rev Walcott signing a book for fan Arlene Larmond as his granddaughter Mackenzie Walcott and wife Sandra Walcott look on.

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