Adoption A to Z Shared Through Memoirs of Local Social Worker

The Black Adoption Experience, an anthology was recently published by Leola Williams.  The book compilation consists of local parents who have adopted a child or children and wrote about their experiences. In addition, some adoptees wrote expressing their feelings on being adopted and their adoptive parents.  To celebrate the books release, a book signing was held on Sunday, October 31, at the Cookbook Restaurant in Springfield to bring adoptees and their families together.  Duval resident Fratina Emanuel was in attendance with her two adopted children, who are featured on the front cover of the book, were present for the signing and photographs.

With a thirty year career in social work, William’s dream was to write a book on the rewards of placing children in a safe environment. Her dream came to fruition during the pandemic; with time on her hands she become more focused and dedicated to the books completion.  The book details the adoption process from a personal viewpoint.

“I want to thank those who came out to support this event and especially adoptee children and their legacy. Being a social worker and learning the adoption process was a very rewarding experience,” said author Leola Williams. A brunch of tapas, music and hospitality was on the menu for participants.  To learn more on the adoption process or to purchase a book email or visit

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