Youth in Motion Conclude Year with Virtual Celebration

The Youth In Motion, Inc. (YIMI), a nonprofit youth empowerment organization that assists students towards building leadership skills, art appreciation, life management skills, team dynamics, organic gardening, and community service has joined the virtual meeting list.    YIMI’s latest session was a congratulatory meeting for their 2019-2020 support structures, presenters, and graduating participants. The online occasion was a virtual celebration, while maintaining and displaying online love towards students and facilitators. Youth In Motion, Inc. promotes togetherness, fairness, preparedness, awareness, and wholeness teachings for youths 10 thru 18 years of age. The Convid-19 pandemic presented an opportunity to teach children to strive forward no matter the situation, demonstrate a devoted and committed attitude in order to press onward. Shown are the YIMI participants on the celebratory Zoom call.

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