Wealth Watchers Celebrates 20 Years of Creating Generational Wealth

Shown (l-R) is Wealth Watchers President/CEO Carrie Davis (center) surrounded by supporters Harvest Newton, Jr. Mallissa Newton, Shai and Tillis DeVaughn.
Wealth Watchers Inc., a HUD-certified Housing Counseling and Community Development celebrated its’ 20th Anniversary with a celebration held at the Rhythm Factory.
Coley Williams, Carrie Davis and Adrienne Williams

Guest enjoyed a night filled with food, music and dancing under theme “An All Black Affair,” focused on supporting small businesses.  To solidify the theme, Wealth Watchers utilized small black businesses as vendors for this event.

Established in 2001 by Ed Gaston, Founder and COO, Wealth Watchers boots on the ground mission has been to build viable communities by expanding the knowledge of individuals for the purpose of understanding the importance of basic finance and accumulation of wealth. The organization has processed more than 1,000 applications allowing homeowners who were facings foreclosures to retain their homes. In addition, they assisted over 2,000 individuals and families to realize their dreams of homeownership. Their mission is achieved by providing lending and educational seminars/webinars, roundtables that includes neighborhood stabilization, community revitalization strategies and small business services.

Carrie Davis currently serves as President and CEO and Coley Williams serves as the Board Chair.

Corrine Brown, Debra Thompson and Carrie Davis
“I am grateful to be a part of an organization whose mission and vision is focused on building viable communities and being a support system for individuals and families to ensure they can achieve their destiny,” said Davis.
Carrie Davis and Nate Herring

If you need assistance or know someone who could benefit from furthering their financial portfolio visit https://www.wealthwatchersfl.org.

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