Urban Core YMCA Saving Swimmers Lives Through Education

By Lynn Jones – Creating memorable moments through educating students on swimming techniques to enhance their chances of being a top swimmer was the focus this past weekend at the Winston YMCA in Riverside. On Saturday, October 6th, twenty swimmers ages three to thirty-three participated in the fall/winter Sean Delifus Foundation swimming course. Two weeks before the classes, participants are required to attend two mandatory water safety training classes for the eight week course. Participants are encouraged to eat a balanced diet and learn the importance of a healthy eating lifestyle. No one is turned away because of their age. Classes are held for babies, seniors and every level in-between.
To fund the course, the Delifus Foundation received a gift of $5,000 from Grainger Supply Company to help teach Northside youth how to swim. Grainger Executives previously attended an on campus nutritional class and was impressed with the testimonials and facility programs, which prompted the company to award the YMCA grant.
The Shawn D. Delifus Foundation was founded and named in his honor by his mother and father Daniel and Joyce Delifus. Shawn was a 2003 graduate of Raines Senior High School and a swimming enthusiast who was among the top swim coaches in the nation. He passed away at the age of 30 in 2016.  To support Shawn’s passion, the foundation collaborated with YMCA to offer a swimming instruction course for families. The swim classes are dedicated to delivering quality professional instructions to low and moderate income families in addition to youth education and nutrition. Shown is the 6 – 8 year old class learning swimming techniques (l-r): Saya Upton, Mitch Ross Kayla Bell, Lance George and Major Goggins


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