This is America – Four Hundred Years of Betrayal, Distrust and Finding Our Civil Rights Roots

Lee Brown
Lee Brown

By Lee Brown

In 1619, Africans were brought to this country against their will and enslaved. Those Africans were trapped by Western Europeans with the help of other Africans with the promise of money or favors. The cycle of Western Europeans trapping Africans with the help of other Africans with a promise of money or other favors continues today. It continued with the enslaved telling slave owners when slaves were planning to escape or revolt. This type of espionage continued during the Civil Rights Movement when Black Americans fed intelligence to the Hoover-led FBI on the organizations’ movements and strategies.
The betrayal of Black Americans by Black Americans resurfaced during the drug trade that began in the 1960’s and continues today. Kilo upon kilo of heroin and cocaine were unleashed into communities of color with the goal of creating a dependent community that needed the assistance of Western Europeans to beat this addiction. Those drugs were introduced to those communities by – guess who? Yes. Black Americans. Cloaked as drug dealers, these Black Americans set to destroy our community with the promise of money or favor.
Now it seems the old playbook is being used against us again. Western Europeans are now saying our schools don’t matter. We all know that they are in a serious state of disrepair, but the Western Europeans on our City Council are saying our children don’t deserve to have safe schools. They are saying we should be able to learn under a tree. In their haste to regulate our community to second tier status, they voted to withdraw the bill that would have allowed the sales tax referendum to make it to the ballot in 2019. And they did it with the help of Black Americans on the City Council – you guessed it – for the promise of money or favor. Jesus had his Judas, and it seems as though we have ours. Our own kind has betrayed us for 400 years and it is time we stop the practice of being victims. Those who don’t represent us should NOT represent us. A fact we need to remember during the next election cycle. Pay close attention to this issue as it is going to reveal who is actually for us – and who wants to exploit us.

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