The Gantt Report: Do the Crime, Do the Time

By Lucius Gantt – Former President Donald Trump and his supporters frequently screamed “Lock Her Up” prior to his 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton.

     Trump lost the popular vote in the United States election but took the Presidency by getting more electoral college votes.

      Shortly after Trump’s surprising victory, The Gantt Report wrote “Lock Him Up” after Trump began to ignore the laws and rules to protect and defend American democracy.

       Well, today the former President is an indicted man charged with 30 counts of misdeeds and misconduct. and by the time you read this column the “Teflon Don” should be “perp” walking through a Manhattan, New York jailhouse to get fingerprinted and photographed like any other perpetrator of alleged wrongdoing.

        Members of the Trump-led Republican Party have flooded American media outlets with claims of “weaponizing the judicial system” and “political indictment” because they seek to rob conservative and white supremacist Trump supporters by asking them for money to finance his court expenses.

        The Trump political base can rant and rave but it was Trump’s own Justice Department that investigated the curious path of payments made to silence porn cat Stormy Daniels. It was Trump’s judges that found lawyer Michael Cohen in violation of campaign financing laws that were made to prevent embarrassing news reports about Trump right before the 2016 election.

         No person of color can go to sleep and dream about being above the law. The idea is that Trump, insurrectionists, and nationalists are all victims that should all be freed because they are criminal suspects and law violators in a divided and political judicial system.

         No. United States laws should be applied to all citizens on an equal basis.

         I hear lawyers say all the time that defendants are innocent until they are proven broke.

         However, too many Black defendants suspected of law violations are shot and killed as soon as klansmen with badges show up in the neighborhood.

          If a Black “Democrat” gets murdered by a Republican cop is the shooting justified or is it criminal? Could such a shooting be political?

         Perhaps all confrontations between citizens and law enforcers or officers of the court are “political”.

         Trump and his base of ultra-conservatives need to understand that the so-called Russian Babayka needs to take the bitter with the sweet and do the time if he did the crimes.

         Gantt Report readers know that all my heroes have been to jail but a wicked, evil, narcissistic con man like Trump is not my hero.

          I’m looking forward to seeing Donald Trump behind bars in Cell Block D! He’s going to have Secret Service protection inside or outside of prison in Manhattan, Washington, or in Atlanta and he will need it!

         Most people should be considered innocent until proven guilty, but I don’t think that includes a man described by a criminal court judge as “individual 1”.

      Whatever happens to Trump, the cat did it!

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