The Black Effect – Women Team up to bring awareness to Self Care & Raise Funds for medical and Law Students

The Black Effect Brunch, hosted by Dr. Shari Calicker, MD and Sophia Bernard, Esq. of “The Huxtabelles, was held on October 13th at the Casa Marina Hotel in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Twenty-five young professional women came together to discuss topics concerning self care, mental health and career as it pertains to black women careers and statistics. Not only did the brunch serve the purpose of creating a safe space for necessary dialogue, but scholarship funds were also raised for the “The Huxtabelles Scholarship” founded to provide one pre-med and one pre-law student with funds for a preparation course as well as application fees. Other Huxtabelles entities included social media conversations and the “The Huxtabelles Podcast” on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and YouTube. Shown are “Huxtabelles” attendees discussing women’s issue and enjoying their cuisine.

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