Ready for Prime Time: Local Film Maker Produces Horror Flick Starring Jax Cast Makes National Debut

Shown is the spooky cast all from Jacksonville: L - R Kahari Gray, Adonijah Malone, Bernard Countryman, Jr., Chad Hendricks, Whitney Carroll, Aniyah Thomas and Lynn-Jones-Turpin.

By Lynn Jones – Filmed in only ten days in and around Duval and Clay counties, Bloody Frickin Mary is an urban horror film chock full of trash-talk, one-liners, laughter and blood splattering associated with the genre.  Based on the legend of Bloody Mary – the age old challenge from slumber parties to summer camp, participants are warned, “don’t say her frickin name three times in the mirror.’

The story centers around the character Mitzy, who invites her girlfriends over to her home for a slumber party while her parents are out of town.  The four friends, eventually invite their boyfriends over and then all heck bursts loose and Bloody Mary is on the prowl! The friends enjoy an evening snacking, smoking and spooking with their boyfriends ironically named Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike.

With mirrors throughout the house, Bloody Mary is on the friends tails and as the plot thickens, viewers will want to know: will anyone make it out alive?

Live Oak native Chad Hendricks has been a Duval residents for nearly 40 years and viewers will see his love for the area. If you look closely in Bloody Mary, you will enjoy seeing bits and pieces of their hometown as you can see familiar sights such as Main Streets Alsop Bridge, Westside High School or Clay County’s Somers Sunshine Park. Continuing to hone his craft, this is Hendricks 13th feature film and his first attempt at a horror flick. The self-trained film maker got his start when he listened to his heart, moved to California and was an extra in block-buster Hollywood films and decided to buy a camera and get to work.  Soon after he started attending film festivals and ultimately producing shows for television.

All of his films are set in an urban environment which he attributes to his upbringing and being a lover of such shows as Good Times and Blaxplotation films learning to spot talent along the way. He enjoys utilizing local talent, hosting open casting call for each film.  The lead character in the current movie works at a local Call Center, however, when he met her, he knew immediately she had to be in the movie.

“I’m very proud of the 15 actors for their believability. And our special effects artist Synthia Roy that incredibly made the bloody Mary characters from scratch.” The film will make its debut in October during the 2023 Halloween season on Tubi and Prime Video entities and has been submitted to the Spooky Empire’s Horror Film Festival midnight movie screening October 27th – 29th; for the event’s schedule and more info visit  

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