Local Politician Premieres New After Dark Talk Show

Shown with host Trey Ford surrounded by his guests: Ebonee The Puff Mistress, Tori "Its Manda Tori" Lundy, Didi Everywhere and Broadway Louie

Shown with Trey in the host hot seat is guest Ebonee Danielle.

Continuing his quest for media success, Black Films Matter co-founder Trey Ford is now the host of Duval After Dark Late Night Talk Show. Filmed inside Breezy’s Jazz house in San Marco, the after dark show host sat behind the desk and chided the audience on being out so late!

Sitting at the interview desk was the cast of the docu-reality TV Show in production: “Transformed – Emerging Entertainers,” Mika Hardison, The Herban Bee Homesteader, Bee Keeper and manager of the apiary at White Harvest Farms and Ms. Ebonee Danielle owner of Puff Mistress Mentionables. The show airs via YouTube and social media platforms. Next studio audience taping is Saturday, November 11th at 9 p.m.  For more info follow @duvalafterdarkshow (Marquis Walker photos) 

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