Publix Void Leaves Urban Core Pondering Fresh Food Options and Next Steps

Dr. Albert Chester, Jr.
Dr. Albert Chester, Jr.

By Albert Chester

As a health care provider, I always explain to people that food is the first medicine.  When healthy food options are limited or in this case alleviated a cataclysmic cascade becomes inevitable.  A poor diet leads to poor health thus increase health disparities.  It goes without saying that a healthier community is a better community.  Unfortunately in the fight to improve our most deprived areas in our city this is a major setback.  However, with the right leadership, vision, and collective efforts this could be a set up for a comeback.

Its saddening to know that this area will lose out on another quality necessity.  The closing of Publix leaves a gaping hole in a community already under great direst.  Amid this uproar, I see an opportunity for all of us; Publix and other grocers, legislative leadership along with community leaders as well as members of the community to come together to not only understand the reason(s) for the closing and try to rectify the issues but also put things in place so that the possibility of another vital business closing does not happen again. I have spoken with a few grocers that are willing to look at the opportunity to fill this void.  Stay tuned as myself and community leaders access the food desserts and next steps for community garden access.

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