Politics has Turned into the Real March Madness

Reggie Fullwood

I am excited about March Madness, which essentially includes the dozens of NCAA basketball conference tournaments, and then the big dance – the tournament for the “Final Four” and national championship.

You have to love basketball games being played all day and every day for a couple of weeks. Then there are the upsets and buzzer beaters – fun, fun, fun!
But this year, March Madness is almost overshadowed by the political madness that is going on. I swear if I see or hear about one more Democratic or Republican town hall marking or debate I am going to lose my mind. Enough is enough. Unless you are a 24-hour news station then you are loving this nonsense.

And for the record, are people really “undecided?” Allow me to have a sidebar conversation for a moment. Is it just me or does it seem like the undecided voters that are interviewed on TV seem more like decided voters that really don’t want to say which way they are voting?

At this point in the game, everyone should know which candidate they are voting for. Come on people – really!

Now back to our previously discussed topic – so politics is truly the new March Madness. Protestors are getting into fights at Trump campaign rallies, which recently caused a Chicago campaign event to be canceled.

The Donald even blamed Bernie Sanders for using unrest at his events. I guess if it is a young person and they have on a J Cole t-shirt then they have to be a Sanders supporter – right?

Who would have thought that Sanders would have given Hilary Clinton so many problems? The good news for Clinton is that her win in Florida this week has given her a nice lead in the delegate counts, which means she just needs to “keep on keeping on” as my Grandma would say.

Now on to the Republican side, that’s where the real madness originates. For you Star Wars fans – I liken “The Donald” to the “Emperor.” He is a mean, arrogant bully that plays on the fears of middle aged white men.

Yes, I said it.

Trump’s views that most Mexicans are bad people who come to America primarily to peddle drugs is far from the truth. His flawed policy idea that we should limit the number of Muslims that enter the country is actually anti-American. Perhaps he needs a history lesson – America was founded under the premise of religious freedom.

So while the Emperor continues conquering the galaxy – one state/planet at a time, the Generals of the Empire try to figure out a way to stop him from his ultimate goal – Universal Rule. We’ll call these guys Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich.

How do you stop Emperor Palpatine, aka Emperor Trump?

Well one strategy could be for all three generals to stay in the race, regardless of this week’s results, which basically puts the final nail in the coffin for Rubio. By staying in and continuing with a crowded field the Generals could work together to stop Trump from getting the 1,237 delegates he needs to alright when the nomination.

Consider this fact, it’s been reported by numerous sources that Rubio has told his supports in Ohio to vote for Kasich, which would prevent a Trump victory and deny the Emperor of his much needed supreme delegates.

Yes, March madness. Have you ever heard a candidate for president tell his supporters to vote for another candidate?

So the generals and their minions would continue to work against The Donald and drag the Republican nomination process well into the summer where their convention is being held in Cleveland, or Tatooine (planet where Luke Skywalker grew up).

Talk about a bloody fight – I don’t even know if America can handle a prolonged Republican battle, but the general’s strategy would basically create a possible broker in July on Tatooine. And once you get to a brokered convention all bets are off and rules change.

Some say that in theory, the GOP elite or establishment could pull the nomination away from Emperor Trump and hand it to one of his rivals, or even some one who wasn’t a candidate this cycle like Mitt Romney.

Like I said – this is true March Madness.

By the way, while all of this galactic warring is going on amongst the Republicans, the Democratic nominee will be focused on fund-raising and general election campaigning.

Let’s see who wins out – the Emperor, the Generals or the Jedi. Should be of no surprise, but in my version of Star Wars – the Jedi are the Democrats!

Signing off from precinct 902,

Reggie Fullwood

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