Philanthropic Organizations Continue to Weave the Thread of Community Giving

Lola Smith and Beatrice Brown

El-Beth-El Church and Families for Slain Children Inc., (FOSCI) both held back to school events for the children and needy of Duval County.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions, recipients were asked to wear their mask to protect others.  In downtown, El-Bethel Church, hundreds of parishioners and neighbors stood in line for the monthly giveaway ranging from perishables to fresh meat. Over on Myrtle Avenue, Beverly McClain and team FOSCI held their annual giveaway with children,  in the neighborhood with food and school supplies.  Despite Covid-19 setbacks, the two non-profits are continuing their philanthropic events to ensure that Duval County families and students have access to meals and supplies as the upcoming school year begins.  Shown is participants at the El-Bethel  and FOSCI giveaway. (R. Liner Photos)

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