Opportunity Fund Created To Promote Diversity & Equality For All Lives Matters

The Wolfburgs and their son
by Lynn Jones – Brian and Jake Wolfburg are the parents of a four year old African American young man. With recent events concerning racial equality and black lives matter, Wolfburg and his partner make sure they create an unbiased environment for their son. African America males and their parents are the subject of TV commercials that describe, “The Talk”.  The talk is a parent to child discussing the do’s and don’ts of when stopped by the police or in a precarious situation.  “Every person is different in some way, shape or form, and we must strive to celebrate those differences, because they are what make our families, communities and the world so amazing,” the Wolfburgs said.
The Wolfburgs and their son
To expound on community diversity, the Wolfburgs established The Wolfburg Fellowship in partnership with Jacksonville Public Education Fund to support and promote diversity and inclusion.  The Fund is an professional learning opportunity for teachers and their students. This Fellowship will help teachers and student leaders deepen their knowledge around issues relating to social justice, diversity and inclusion, sexism and homophobia to implement an aligned action research project in their school community.
The Wolfburg Fellowship will provide $7,000 annually, to include $3,000 for the Fellow’s participation in a quality professional learning experience in social justice, $2,000 for the Fellow’s school-based action research project, $1,500 for the Fellow’s participation in JPEF’s professional learning opportunities and $500 for students to lead change alongside the Fellow, as age-appropriate.
The Fellowship will be given to one teacher annually as a grant and announced publicly to recognize teachers who have demonstrated ensuring equitable access to supportive learning environments for students in diverse and low-income school communities. Deadline to apply is July 31st. For more info visit www.jaxpef.org

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