Naomi Osaka to Start-Up Sports Academy in Haiti and Los Angeles to Help Girls Get into Sport

Naomi Osaka

By Victor Omondi – (Source: – Naomi Osaka took the world by storm when she clinched the title of the best tennis player, ranked by the Women’s Tennis Association. Osaka has had a good run this year, and she seems like she isn’t stopping anytime soon. The 23-year-old, who has perfected her tennis skills, has now set her eyes on helping other underprivileged young girls realize their potential in the world of sports.

“There are huge barriers that girls face in getting active. Some girls, especially those from marginalized communities, never even get the chance to play, “said Osaka while speaking to the People. “The more I learned about these barriers — through my work with Nike and Laureus Sport for Good – the more I felt determined to do something about it.”

Osaka spoke to People magazine, stating her desire to help young girls, especially from the Black, Asian, and Latino communities, find their way in life through athletics.

“It started with conversations and it became this incredible program working with community partners that are committed to leveling the playing field for girls,” she said.

“We believe that all kids — especially girls — deserve a chance to play, no matter where they come from or what they look like,” she said, adding, “The more we provide girls with opportunities to get active, the more opportunities we are giving them to become leaders in their communities.”

Play Academy will not only give young girls from humble backgrounds the opportunity to sharpen their athletic skills but will also “hire more female coaches, and provide girls with education to help build up their confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills.”

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