My Brothers Keeper in Heart and Health

By Lynn Jones – Faithfully every morning at the Johnson Family YMCA, men, women, young adults, teens and children from various walks of life and neighborhoods begin their daily workout. Programs include the active adult Silver Sneaker wellness program for seniors, nutrition resources, chronic disease prevention, corporate wellness and fitness training. Starting off the week are five guys who regularly work out as a team. For five years, two hours a day, the “get fresh” workout crew exercises while discussing daily worldly news. Their routine consists of a daily two mile walk, weight lifting and body building. The crew is dedicated to their fitness routines as each member has encountered a health scare or has a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure or an abnormal accumulation of body fat. By performing some form of exercise regularly for just a short time each day, the crews goal is to promote ways to  increase their energy, improve their moods, and reduce stress. In addition, the crew’s daily discussion includes options to improve their immune system and lowering their risk for more serious illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. “Its important that men support each other emotionally as well as through health wellness,” said Ernest Mitchell. “Black men have enough facing them to add being physically unhealthy to the mix”. Shown training for healthier lifestyle at the YMCA is the “get fresh” workout crew: Ron Jenkins (seated), surrounded by Frank Coleman, Perry Robinson, Junior Lynn and Peanut Mitchell.

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