Morehouse professor Mikki K. Harris Says Limiting Screen Time Reduces Stress


By Porsha Monique | November 16, 2020 |

Mikki K. Harris is a multimedia journalist whose images have been featured in USA TodayThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution NewsdayThe Philadelphia InquirerSports Illustrated and New York Daily News, among other media outlets, and exhibited at The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York.

In 2019, she co-founded the Atlanta Drone Lab to tell community-focused stories using aerial technology, and she currently is a senior assistant professor in the Journalism & Sports Program at Morehouse College.

I am a multimedia journalist and professor, so my work is interdisciplinary. The stories that I produce focus on showing stories of who people are at [their] core, to show the human condition from diverse perspectives, and to protect and preserve communities that are too often marginalized or displaced.

What are three things people should give up in order to live a healthier life?

Learn about the foods that cause inflammation in your body, and limit the intake of those foods.

Give up rewarding yourself with harmful treats.

Stop negative talk, negative thinking. Be positive and kind to yourself and others.

What effect does stress have on your health? What are three ways to reduce stress?

Stress plays a major role on my health, as I can feel some of the negative effects, despite it being a silent health danger. I could list many ways to reduce stress, but the challenge is how to implement those changes. Some ways that have been implemented during this time of COVID:

Establish boundaries at home, work and even with myself.

Limit screen time.

Take work email off mobile devices.

Carve out meditation and prayer time that allow no disruptions.

Finish the following sentences …

I am committed to … providing stories of people that are strength-based.

In order to remain healthy, you must … be proactive about your health.

Annual checkups and doctor visits are … necessary.

Health and wellness are more important than … harmful habits.

A great day for me at work results in … students engaging one another and working through tough conversations as a class.

Who are your favorite human beings and why?

My parents. They demonstrate love and support but, most importantly, I feel that love and support all of the time.

My sister. She knows what I am saying before the words come out of my mouth.

My dearest friends. They are always right on time with what I need to hear.

My children and spouse. They have made me become a better person and challenge me every day to do the work that I do.

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