Method Man to New Age Rappers: ‘Where Are They Getting This Money?’

Starz Photo: Method Man (left) with Rainey on Starz’s 'Power Book II: Ghost.'

By Victor Omondi – (Soucer: – The longtime Wu-Tan Clan legendary Method Man finds the success of the new-age rap celebrities mind-boggling. The millions of albums sold, fruitful acting roles, countless worldwide tours, and the subsequent wealth that comes with it were only what he dreamed and wished for by the time he was venturing into the industry.

Comparing this trend to his experience, it blows his mind to see the kind of wealth, including expensive chains, jets, cars, and $24 million pink diamond implants that these young rappers have constantly flaunted on social media, some of which he’s yet to attain.

“I remember getting 2,500 a show. ‘All I Need’ had dropped, and I’m doing shows every f-cking day. Seven days a week. I had to tell the manager to raise the price. … Next thing I know, I’m getting 25 G’s a show, and I’m forgetting cause I love what I’m doing so much,” he said during an interview with Math Hoffa.

Moreover, Method Man’s quest pushed him to start comparing his status to that of the new generation of rappers. He said, “Now we’re in an era where these kids got more money than … son, I couldn’t imagine. I don’t even got a car. My kids got cars, my wife got a car. But these kids got four, five cars. I still ain’t taking private jets! I think I earned that by now. Where are they getting this money? They got a deal or some sh-t? No f-cking way that they flying private all the time. That money long as f-ck. At minimum, that’s 30 grand round trip.”

Hoffa tried explaining things to him, informing him about the opportunities available today that didn’t exist by the time he was joining the industry, including club appearances, features, and music streaming.

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