Local Surf Companies Make Waves in Teaching Communities of Color

Every year, thousands of surfers hit the waves at Jacksonville Beach and surrounding areas. But, how many of those are people of color?
Surf Negra, is a nonprofit organization founded by Gigi Lucas to encourage, educate and engage more women and girls of color in the sport of surfing.
Two Jacksonville based companies, Anact and SurfearNEGRA, have teaming up to break stigmas and stereotypes that prevent people of color from being connected to the water. Together with award-winning photographer Malcom Jackson, the companies have created a limited edition tote bag to pay homage to the BLM Movement. They want to empower and inspire young girls of color to do things they didn’t think were possible in and out of the surf industry. Plus, proceeds from the sale of the bag will be used to send young girls of color to surf camps and have a chance to fall in love with the sport and lifestyle.
Not only is this campaign working to diversify surf lineups and grow the sport leading up to surfing’s first Olympics and beyond, but it is helping promote environmental conscious design. With the tote bag being made of sustainable plant fibers, the campaign is highlighting the benefits of fibers such as hemp. Each bag saves 236 days of drinking water.  The tote bags launched this past weekend and are available on the website. Shown are beginner surfers at the Jacksonville Beach Surf Camp.

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