Local Stars Shine Bright at Film Premiere of Nationally Streamed Productions

Shown L-r are 'Hit List' and 'Black Game Night' cast members: Domanick Graham Queen Melina, Seseley Monat Jones and Leon Jones
Actors Seseley Monat Jones, Leon Jones and jasmine Lopez
Actors J.T. Thomas and Producer Royce Freeman

By Producer D. Godfrey – In the final days of Riverside’s Sun-Ray Theater operation, a double feature film premiere captivated a sold-out audience for two highly anticipated films: “Black Game Night,” directed by Taurean J. Royal, and “The Hit List,” directed by Durden Godfrey. Both films were produced by 72 Crew Films. The historic cinema, scheduled to close its doors in July, was filled to capacity with standing room only. Movie enthusiasts and supporters from all across Duval County gathered to witness this cinematic celebration. The energy was palpable as guests arrived for the black carpet event, hosted by Big Daddy and Slim Records. Exuding Hollywood glamour and style, cast members turned heads, while fans and media buzzed with excitement, capturing the essence of the night. The screening featured two feature films cinematic experiences with “Black Game Night,” a gripping drama depicting a family whose son is a brilliant game designer, while at the same time his parents and friends are scattered throughout the house separated by their own drama that results in their son’s demise. Following a brief intermission, the lights dimmed once more for “The Hit List.” This thriller kept viewers on the edge of their seats from start to finish. The suspenseful plot twists follows a young man that loves the ladies until he meets Nia who has a brother with physic abilities that threatens to expose Marcus as the player he is!

Film Producer Chad Hendricks with actors: Jasmine Lopez, Seseley Monat Jones and Leon Jones and Producer Royce Freeman

Both compelling films were met with applause echoing through the theater as the film concluded. The success of the evening was not only a testament to the talent behind and in front of the camera but also a bittersweet celebration of Sun-Ray Cinema’s legacy in Jacksonville’s cultural and groundbreaking filmmaking landscape. As the final credits rolled, there was a sense of both nostalgia and anticipation in the air. Audiences can look forward to streaming “Black Game Night” and “The Hit List” on Tubi and other platforms soon, bringing the film to a wider audience.


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