Local Body Builder Shares What it Takes

What does it take to get your body ready for competition? For Jacksonville native Latanya Hopson, the journey began four (4) years ago and presently includes eliminating sodium, fats and sugars and eating a 90% clean diet. Hopson has been a health and fitness industry professional for 11 years and began her body building journey in 2014.

The intensive exercise schedule includes weight training, cardio and abs six days a week. She also incorporates corrective exercises to address any imbalances or inflammation. During the off season, Hopson’s training consist of functional and cross training activities.

“If you are not committed to it, whatsoever you decide to do in order to be healthier and fit you’re going to quit if your mindset is not renewed daily,” she shares.

Earlier this month, fitness expert Hopson, 29, placed first and second overall in figure at the Mr. Olympian Lee Banks Natural Championships competition held in Ponte Vea Beach.  Categories included: Men’s Bodybuilding, Classic Physique, Men’s Physique, Women’s Physique, Figure and Bikini. Mr. Olympian competitor Lee Banks is dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and natural bodybuilding techniques. Criterion consists of 100% drug-testing by polygraph and is a “must” for natural athletes who are up to the challenge of competing in the National Physique Competition (NPC). The NPC is the largest amateur bodybuilding league in the country and the only U.S. amateur league selected as an affiliate by the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB).

“My focus is elongation of muscles through movements and enhance blood flow and stimulate muscle function. I believe in being versatile as well keeping what works,” said Hopson.   

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