Gender War Dialogue Enlightens on Traditional Values, Love & War

By Lynn Jones

Singles ready to mingle attended the ‘Is there a Gender War going On,’ panel discussion held at Yummy Cakes in Springfield.

Topics included men and women relationships in the workplace, at home, societal expectations, gender roles, finances, children, divorce, “side chicks” and sex too! The open dialogue session included singles as well as married couples ready to share their experiences with bonafide questions and answers with panel members and relationships experts.

Host Corey Redden, age 42 spewed questions to the audience on traditional gender roles and values that were in place during the baby boomers years, “The divine order of God, man, woman and child has changed. We have many broken families and broken men that may need a helping hand. Strong men don’t need a backbone, they need a helpmate,” he said.

At times the room was silent or tongues were tied when individuals were at war with male and female opinions, viewpoints and outburst.

The resulting dialogue positioned attendees to become empowered in their relationships in the boardrooms and the bedrooms. Panelists included relationship expert Anita Baker, Attorney Octavious Holiday and Blogger Anthony Thompson.  Guests also enjoyed complimentary tapas and Yummy Cakes deserts.  The Gender War Dialogue next session is scheduled for July 2018. Shown are hosts Markita Green and Corey Redden.  Shown (left) are hosts Markita Green and Corey Redden and right panelist Anita Baker and Otavious Holliday

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