Legacy of Malcolm X Celebrated at Street Festival

Left to Right Tieesha, Skyline, Tacara T Juarez, Ashli, & Tamiyah.

Malcolm X (born Malcolm Little), the 60s era civil rights fighter who became an outspoken leader is still revered throughout American as we passed what would have been his 94th birthday.  Malcolm, whose autobiography was chronicled by film maker Spike Lee, didn’t advocate nonviolence like Martin Luther King, Jr.,  which attracted many followers to him. He was assassinated at the age of 39 in 1965 during a New York speaking engagement by three gunmen who shot him 15 times.

To celebrate Malcolm’s legacy, BSUN Art Gallery held the inaugural Malcolm X festival to honor his memory and legacy. Neighbors from near and far came together to praise his work, his life and advocacy before his untimely death. As a devout Muslim. he fought for not only Muslim issues, but also matters that affected the Black community as a whole.

The event consisted of poets, singers, dancers and speakers who all came onto the stage for five minutes performing in front of the crowd giving their expression for Malcolm X. The DJ played music and old speeches of Malcolm X during the program. Local vendors were present selling their products from clothes, oils, hats, and more. Attendees also enjoyed a free lunch during the celebration.

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