Jennifer Carroll Speaks at COBRA Meeting

Shown is COBRA President Dr J.G. Rice welcoming Jennifer Carroll to the podium. Sandra McCorvey Photo
Sandra McCorvey Photo

Republican politician and retired naval officer who served as the 18th Lieutenant Governor of Florida was the guest speaker at the recently held inaugural Coalition of Black Republican Americans (COBRA) meeting. The meeting was held inside the Republican National Committee (RNC) Community Center on the westside with COBRA members eager to meet and greet the former Lieutenant Governor.  Carroll stood at the podium and spoke on the RNC’s history and legacy, while reiterating the importance of voting at the local, state and national levels.  COBRA President, Dr. J.G. Rice, opened the meeting with words of wisdom and engaged members in conversation on meeting schedules, membership dues and next steps. “We want to be a voice for the people to educate them on the party so that they represent Americans,” said Rice.  Former Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll podium speech was recognition of her time as governor and referencing her book “When You Get There,” her autobiography that details her 20-year retired Navy veteran services, and role as wife and mother of three children. Summarizing her visit to the COBRA meeting, Carroll quipped, “African American should not vote for just black candidates. Research the process and vote for the qualified candidate,” said Carroll.

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