Herff Jones Partners With StageClip, MarchingOrder To Launch New Virtual Commencement Platform

Industry-leading solution ensures students can still have a shared experience while graduations are postponed due to COVID-19

Herff Jones, a division of Varsity Brands, and the leading provider of graduation and educational products and services designed to inspire achievement and create memorable experiences for students, announced today an exclusive collaboration with MarchingOrder and StageClip on a virtual commencement solution that provides a proven, easy-to-implement platform for institutions that need to postpone graduation ceremonies due to the coronavirus pandemic. This comprehensive, best-in-class solution was developed with the goal of eliminating the administrative burden on schools looking to host a virtual event, and it is currently not available anywhere else in the market.

“At Herff Jones we believe every student who has earned the right to proudly wear a cap and gown, and to move their tassel, should have their time to shine with family, friends and faculty members who helped them get to that milestone,” said Andrew Checketts, vice president of strategy and business transformation. “While many institutions need to postpone graduation ceremonies, our collective goal was to still give seniors a shared experience. They deserve that despite current challenges, and we’re excited to be able to leverage MarchingOrder and StageClip’s industry-leading, student-centric technology as well as our relationships with administrators to make that happen for the Class of 2020.” Understanding the unique circumstances surrounding this year’s graduation season, Herff Jones will not receive any revenue from this virtual offering.

This new state-of-the-art platform allows schools to create and deliver a personalized celebration, while also incorporating traditional ceremony elements, that students can easily share on social media with family and friends using the hashtags #GradAWAYtion and #MoveTheTassel. “We’ve been working with universities across the world for several years to give graduates individualized video clips of their recognition moment on stage for sharing straight after the ceremony. We really wanted to use our technology to help keep the tradition alive in difficult times,” stated StageClip Founder and CEO Rupert Forsythe. “By creating an individual, personal experience for each and every student, that can be shared with friends and family, we can ensure that seniors still receive a gift of recognition from their schools, and a celebration with their community of fellow students.”

Additionally, this virtual commencement solution leverages the latest technology to ensure ceremonies, large and small, run smoothly and efficiently. MarchingOrder Co-Founder and President Tyler Mullins added, “From the way a graduate’s name is displayed and pronounced to the order they are called, we know every detail is important, and we will be there working alongside school administrators throughout the entire process. Whether it’s a first-generation graduate or legacy, hearing a loved one’s name recited on graduation day evokes a powerful sense of pride – and we want that moment, no matter where it takes place, to be perfect.”

More information can be found online at herff.ly/virtualgraduation or herff.ly/virtualcommencement.

Indianapolis-based Herff Jones is the leading provider of graduation and educational products and services designed to inspire achievement and create memorable experiences for students. A division of Varsity Brands, Herff Jones’ products include class rings and jewelry, caps and gowns, yearbooks, diplomas, frames and announcements as well as motivation and recognition programs. Focused on building long-term relationships through a nationwide network of over 2,000 employees and sales partners, the professionals at Herff Jones have been helping elevate the student experience throughout the lifelong journey of education for more than 100 years. For more information about Herff Jones or Varsity Brands, please visit www.herffjones.com or www.varsitybrands.com.

Since 2003, MarchingOrder has been a trusted partner of colleges and universities, large and small, to make their graduation ceremonies the best they can be. From ensuring every graduate’s name is announced perfectly to providing on-screen recognition, RSVP and guest ticketing services, as well as helping distribute the correct diploma to each person on stage, every detail is handled with ease leveraging our exclusive and easy-to-implement technology-based solutions. MarchingOrder has been used for thousands of ceremonies, and we understand every event is unique. We designed our software to be flexible yet robust and capable of being customized to suit the needs of your event. Visit http://www.marchingorder.com/ for more information.

StageClip is on a mission to share life’s big moments. We enable event organizers and videographers to instantly create and distribute personalized video clips of their attendees in mass participation events. StageClips are immediately available for people to download to their mobile devices and share instantly on social media. Life’s big moments include graduations, mass participation sports, corporate and community awards, music events and school prize givings. We’ve helped event organizers worldwide deliver valuable social media ROI from personalized video clips as they’ve enhanced the event experience for their participants. For more information, visit https://stageclip.com/about-us/


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