HBCU Students Are Ready To Vote For Trump – Myself Included

By Michaelah Montgomery  | In 2007, Joe Biden said that schools perform worse if they have more Black students.
“Less than one percent of the population of Iowa is African-American. Whereas, what is in Washington, D.C.? So look, it all goes back to what you start off with, who you’re dealing with (as an educational foundation).” [LINK]
Is this the person who we want delivering the 140th commencement speech at a university founded to combat the very bigotry of low-expectations that he consistently espouses?
It’s time to say NO to JOE.

While I was in college, I started trying to figure out if things had always been this bad. That’s when I discovered that while I was in high school—during the Trump Administration—the Black community was seeing record low unemployment, there were low interest rates and low mortgage rates, and the American dream never seemed closer for our community. Back then—five short years ago—everything seemed to be better.

Based on my own experiences and relationships, I can confidently say that many students at HBCUs agree with me now and are more receptive to President Trump than ever.

Without a doubt, there is an obvious contrast between the Biden Administration and the Trump Administration when it comes to documented HBCU support, but if you had told me that Trump’s support of HBCU’s eclipses that of even the Obama Administration, I would’ve told you to show me the receipts!

Well, here they are:
  • The Obama Administration was responsible for the catastrophic PARENT Plus loan decision in 2011 to tighten lending standards for federal parent loans, which have a higher interest rate at 7.9% compared to student loans at 3.4% to 6.9%.  This inexplicable decision resulted in the rejection of over 28,000 HBCU student loans at a loss of approximately $150 million in overall HBCU revenue.  The United Negro College Fund estimates that about 28,000 students at historically Black colleges dropped out during the 2012-13 academic year, as a result of the irreparable damage to this critical program.
  • At the time of his departure from office, President Donald J. Trump gave more funding to Historically Black Colleges and Universities than any President in United States history.
  • President Trump further made this historic HBCU funding permanent with the signing of the FUTURE Act, which secured $255 million in committed annual support.  Additionally, this act boosted the Federal Pell Grant program, which increased the financial aid available to students to ensure the strategic financial stability of HBCUs.
  • In addition to the FUTURE Act, President Trump signed legislation that allocated over $100 million specifically for scholarships, research, and centers of excellence at HBCU land-grant institutions. This funding was crucial in enhancing the academic and research capabilities of these institutions, enabling them to offer more competitive programs and opportunities for their students.
  • In 2018, President Trump forgave $322 million in disaster loans owed by four HBCUs, allowing these colleges to redirect their focus entirely towards their educational missions without the burden of financial stress. This creates an important contrast from the policies implemented during theObama Administration, which saw a reduction in HBCU funding and changes to student loan policies.
The bottom line: when we look at the accomplishments of President Trump and compare them to Joe Biden’s economy, where all Americans are struggling, or we compare them to Joe Biden’s open borders, where illegal immigrants are taking the resources we need in our communities, it paints a clear picture: If you want an end to global conflict, to enforce strong borders, to create safe neighborhoods, to bring back rising wages, to ensure quality jobs, to prioritize school choice, and to return the strongest economy in over 60 years, vote for President Donald J. Trump.

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