Harris Makes Surprise Visit in Jacksonville

Harris is shown on stage at the drive-in rally held at the University of North Florida
Presidential candidate Kamala Harris whisked through Jacksonville to encourage voters to vote early and mail in their ballots now. The visit began with Harris arriving at Jacksonville International Airport (JIA) with a caravan of reporters in tow to document her journey. First in person stop was with early voters outside the Highlands Regional Library on Dunn Avenue. Supporters cheered Harris as she continues to stomp the country for the Biden-Harris ticket. Supporters of both Biden and Harris and President Donald Trump lined the street of UNFs campus where the stop culminated at the University of North Florida, Adam W. Herbert Center with supporters and politicians welcoming her to the city. Parking positions were provided on a first-come, first-served basis with each invitation for one vehicle per invitee.  In addition, hundreds stood in the rain to hear Harris share her message on how the Harris-Biden ticket is the way to change the nation to build back better.
“I came to Florida today to help kick-off early voting and I came to thank you all for all you’re doing. The voters of Florida, you guys are going to determine the outcome of this election,” she said. “You [all] are going to have an impact on people you’ll never meet..I am here on behalf of Joe Biden and myself to thank you.” (Barlow Photo)

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