Dream Comes True of Wheelchair Bound Youth

Caila in her chair

Dreams Come True of Jacksonville, the First Coast’s locally-based wish granting organization for children battling life-threatening illnesses, presented 5-year-old Caila Landua-Figueroa with her own customized Axiom Racer dream jogging chair.

Caila was born in March 2015 and spent her first three weeks in the hospital due to brain damage caused by a congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV). Caila is wheelchair bound and suffers from seizures. Due to her failure to thrive, she has a G-tube to assist with her nutritional needs, is nonverbal and suffers from hearing loss. Walks with her mom and siblings bring Caila the greatest joy. The custom made chair will allow her to be included in various aspects of life that were once unforeseeable.

Following the presentation, Caila and her family joined Ainsley’s Angels, a Dreams Come True community partner, in completing a marked 5K course in honor of the Dreams Come True Virtual 5K (DCT5K). In 2019, Dreams Come True celebrated 35 years of granting dreams.  To date, more than 4,000 local children have seen their dreams turned into reality. Learn more at www.dreamscometrue.org. Shown is Caila enjoying her new customized wheelchair.

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