Fisher of Men Tackle Mentoring, Fatherhood and Social Issues

Fishers of Men Anchors pictured left to right: Anthony M. Butler Sr., Alvin W. King (Founder), Mark A. Rivera (back) Marico Walker, Shawn Drake and Chris Simmons.

Alvin W. King, founder of Fishers of Men held a “get anchored and informed” event over the weekend to inspire men to be agents of change. Founded November 2013, Fisher’s of Men is an organization that was created to develop an open discussion platform for men to gather and talk about the issues that men face with communication, relationships, fatherhood and society.

After a year of successful monthly workshops, Alvin was led to get more involved with the community by providing  resources that were available through networking with the men who had attended the workshops.  The resources include: life coaching, financial coaching, mental health counseling, physical fitness and nutrition, entrepreneurial consulting, and mentoring for boys.  “I was led to form FOM because of the lack of accountability that is needed among men.  Also as a man, I lost my father at an early age, and did not have a male figure in my life to guide me to build a strong foundation for my life. I wanted to share the event with the public.” Fisher’s of Men goal is to continue providing coaching, counseling, mentoring and motivational solutions to boys and men of all ages and walks of life.  Alvin elaborated, “FOM wants to engage, educate, and empower fathers, sons and mentors to become strong positive leaders and centers of influence in their community and the nation.”

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