100 Black Men of Jacksonville Infinite Scholar College Fair Nets $1 Million + in Scholarships

The 100 Black Men of Jacksonville, Inc. (J100) recently hosted their 11th Annual Infinite Scholar College Fair  at the Schultz Center. This event featured more than 20 national, regional, and local colleges and universities . About 200 students and parents participated as more that more than $1.1 million in admissions and scholarships were awarded on the spot.  There were also workshops on financial aid, understanding the planning process and college freshman survival tips. Pictured (L-R) is Charles Griggs, President, 100 Black Men of Jacksonville; Le’Andre Fox, Senior Paxon School for Advanced Studies; Briana Osborn, Senior, Paxon School for Advanced Studies; Angela Diggs, Senior Admissions Counselor, Virginia State University. Fox and Osborn were awarded full Presidential STEM Scholarships by Virginia State University valued at $112,000 each.

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