Fans Shocked as Terence Crawford Mauls Errol Spence in Boxing Match

Errol Spence Jr, left, and Terence Crawford. (Photo by Derrel Jazz Johnson for rolling out.)

Terence Crawford, but more so by the thoroughness of the pummeling he administered on Errol Spence on Saturday, July 29, 2023.

In what was previously billed as one of the biggest fights of the year quickly turned into a one-sided pugilistic mauling of Spence at the hands of Crawford. who destroyed his opponent with deadly precision punches and relentless offensive assault.

Crawford knocked Spence down to the canvas in Round 2 and twice in Round 7, to snatch away the IBF, WBA and WBC 147-pound titles to go along with his WBO belt.

Crawford, 35, was about to put the bloodied and misshapen Spence to sleep in Round 9 with a blizzard of devastating blows before referee Harvey Dock mercifully ended the punishment at 2 minutes, 32 seconds.

Spence, 33, protested the stoppage but failed to win any round. 

By the end of the fight, Spence’s face was a bloody pulp mass that looked almost cartoonish as the following still shot shows.

“Like I said before, I only dreamed of being a world champion,” Crawford told Showtime boxing analyst Jim Gray after his savage beatdown of Spence. “I’m an overachiever. Nobody believed in me when I was coming up, but I made everybody a believer.”

Crawford added that “It means everything because of who I took the belts from.”

To his credit, Spence offered no excuses and gave Crawford his deserved props for a scintillating performance in the ring.

“He was the better man tonight,” Spence said during the post-fight press conference, according to ESPN. “He was using his jab, and my timing was a little bit off. He was catching me in between shots. … I make no excuses.”

Seeing how he was routed and embarrassed in the ring, Spence nevertheless said he would fight Crawford again.

“Hell yeah, we got to do it again,” Spence said. “I’m going to be a lot better. It’s going to be a lot closer. It’s probably going to be in December because [the rematch is supposed to happen] before the end of the year.”

Fans, however, believe Spence needs to save his face and skull another blistering beating.

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Fans shocked as Terence Crawford mauls Errol Spence in boxing match (videos)

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