Family Marches Alone for Information on Slain Youth

By Lynn Jones
April of 2019 will mark the two year anniversary of 12-year-old Rayma Eunice who was shot in the head during a birthday sleepover in the Lackawanna neighborhood.
Last weekend, the family recognized the child’s death with a walk through the community with the goal of highlighting the senseless violence plaguing many neighborhoods.  Eunice died at the hands of 11-year Tyron Calhoun who is being charged with manslaughter and  is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation while in custody.
The walk included Eunice’s mother, siblings, cousins and aunts. Since the incident, the family has held prayer vigils with Mad Dads and various organization and support groups. “We really don’t want the young man to get away with the murder or a pat on the back. As the trial lingers we have hope and will continue to walk for Rayma,” said relative Brittany Walker.
Walker also reminisced on how Eunice was an excellent student, loved her family and was an avid reader.

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