Extraordinary Men Make a Holiday Difference

The holiday season has always been a time for giving and during this time of year many local organizations step up and help those in need.  One of those exceptional organizations is called Extraordinary Men.

On Saturday, December 15th the organization, which is made up of a group of local businessmen eager to develop, strengthen, mentor and motivate youth and seniors, held their annual toy giveaway event.

The giveaway was held in Buffalo Park, which is in the Panama Park community. This was the 2nd annual toy giveaway.  Last year, the group gave away 30 bicycles and over 100 toys. This year the organization surpassed last year’s giving by donating 50 bicycles and 200 toys to needy children.  Over 200 families and youth received either a toy or bicycle for Christmas.

According the group, the Extraordinary Men of Jacksonville yearly event assists deserving families going through a rough patch with gifts this holiday season.

“Every year we plan to be able to provide some type of joy to a child for Christmas. We don’t look to be repaid. We are always open to volunteers and plan to get bigger each year,” said President Clarence Dingle

“When you give you get, and we get satisfaction and smiles from each child. Sometimes you just don’t know what’s happening to people around you. We are blessed and will continue to give back,” he added.

The extraordinary men organization came to fruition in 2016 and has been making strides each year to gather youth data to ensure that no child is left beyond. The group also volunteers at senior citizens facilities and have plans for a 2019 Prom for individuals that did not attend their high school prom. (EMP)

Shown l-r is Walter Sams, Lisa Sanchez, Maria Sanchez, Crema Wills, Shakena Blake and Clarence Dingle

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